Top level TV buy guide for beginners.

Modern day TV and model is changing very fast. After the ages we can find out that 2019 is going to be the best year for the TVs .Because TVs are introduce with various technologies in this year. So we can see clear variety of TVs. Samsung, LG and Sony have cool competition between each other. When the Samsung is introducing some cool stuff with they color quality and screens LG and Sony come up with overall package. So the companies are trying to make best of best to gain the customer attention.

When we discuss about the  Samsung Q90 is brilliant TV with superb  screen. And it is available now in the stores. To compete with this giant TV , LG  also come up with various technology TV.

Screens are the most important part of the TV so the customers eye will definitely goes with this. Sony and Vizio also made good screen to fight with this TV market in today. Also for the TV and its display need high quality technologies otherwise company cant market the product. At least it should have 4K  resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. Modern day TV s are used for games and other Movie planning too. So these requirements are must for the customers.

Also the people expect the size of the TV . So the larger screens has good market in these days. But remember that when you’re buying such a big size products you can go for the good quality vendor, such as we discussed Sony , Samsung and LG brand.  Also when we came to colors side Wide Color Gamut and HDR (HDR10 and Dolby Vision is one of very important part in the TV.

Also when you buying a TV you have to think about the good quality sounds too. Because when it comes to organization level  sounds are more important and it should be quality and  video too

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