Point Nemo tech review

As you think how many rockets, satellites, and space materials are being placed in the sky? The value is probably unknown. But, how many of those have fallen or made fall by space institutes like NASA or Russian space Centers? The answer is any value as approximately. Have you ever heard any news about a fall of any space voyage to au urban place or a place on land? No, we haven’t.Because, there might have been some accidents to fall them on land surface. But, there is a specific place to dump those ruined parts like a car junk yard to cars. That is a place on the ocean. It is situated in Southern Pacific ocean where all the space institutes use as a cemetery to their space junk. Thesouthern Pacific Ocean is in between Japan and America where there is the deepest blue water on the earth. That is a vacant place far away from a land.

There are billions of parts of satellites, rockets, and space ships. “Point Nemo” refers to nothing in Latin. Point Nemo is deep about 4000 meters where is most suitable to hide their technology among sea water. According to the reports say, Russia is the country that has used this place to keep their junks. There are some American submarines or submarines of other nations searching for the remarks of latest technology they don’t have. They try to find some tech that they don’t have in this space cemetery.

Space institutes make their necessary calculations to place their tragets right on the Point Nemo. This place on the ocean was first used in 1971 by Russia. Heaviest burden fell on to Point Nemo was Meer Space Laboratory which weighed 9000 tons. If the Space Station is given up in 2024, it will be placed on the Point Nemo as well. If the Artemis Space Mission becomes a reality in 2024, there will lot come to Point Nemo to hide.

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