modern tourism definition

First of all let’s have a look at the transmission of the tourism in all meanings. Tourism has always been a good topic to both tourists and the treaties. We can see that world tourism has moved into a next level where most of the countries are working hard to keep their countries on the top of the list as a tourist attracted destination. Tourism can be defined as moving from one place to another. In the lateral stages of the human civilization, people have made their needs more complicated. Their needs for houses, food, transportation and living standards have been made more complicated by the man himself as well as his travelling desires. A tourist is a person who has many needs with his desires. It is really necessary to understand a tourist’s need with a good sense. Tourism is divided into 05 main categories. They are accommodation, food, transport, recreation, and entertainment.

However many trends, technologies, and efforts were risen up to find the change to turn the steering direction of the world.  “Those who can win a war well can rarely make a good peace, and those who could make a good peace would never have won the war.” This is a popular quote from Winston Churchill which explains the change world requires. It worked and world started a new journey with many positives. At present, it can be described that Tourism has been able to change the direction of the world, indeed in a positive manner. World has changed a lot with many changes. Many fields have been changed with the influence of the tourism. Transportation, food, accommodation, latest technology, culture, and even medicine. As the UNWTO(United Nations World Tourism Organization) says, tourism is the driver of the development. As we can recall, Global Village Concept was spread with the meaning of the tourism as well.  Social Medias have been a huge trend in last two decades and they have been used to make a huge impact on the tourism as well. If it is needed to see the importance of the social media to the tourists industry, just have a look at any flyer or brochure and you will see social media icons on the back. New foods have been introduced, new semi cultures have been introduced, more entertainment sources have been invented, and the infrastructure of the country has been developed by the government.

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