modern tourism definition

First of all let’s have a look at the transmission of the tourism in all meanings. Tourism has always been a good topic to both tourists and the treaties. We can see that world tourism has moved into a next level where most of the countries are working hard to keep their countries on the …

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Point Nemo tech review

As you think how many rockets, satellites, and space materials are being placed in the sky? The value is probably unknown. But, how many of those have fallen or made fall by space institutes like NASA or Russian space Centers? The answer is any value as approximately. Have you ever heard any news about a …

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Artificial Intelligence

Dartmouth College professor John McCarthy introduced the words Artificial intelligence and he is known as the father of AI. This happened in 1956. A team of scientists and mathematicians searched for machines that can be programed and taught. So finally they ended up with some solutions and these two words. Artificial intelligence has been a common …

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Panasonic LUMIX S1R camera review

Panasonic LUMIX is a brand to figure with around the world when you talk about top of the line advanced SLR cameras. It’s right up there with the exceptional Canon EOS, Sony Alpha and Nikon D arrangement, playing in a similar field and cutting them in certain presentation regions. Like each camera brand, Panasonic too …

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