Artificial Intelligence

Dartmouth College professor John McCarthy introduced the words Artificial intelligence and he is known as the father of AI. This happened in 1956. A team of scientists and mathematicians searched for machines that can be programed and taught. So finally they ended up with some solutions and these two words.

Artificial intelligence has been a common topic from last mid-century to present day. Artificial Intelligence, AI or Machine Intelligence has always made revolutionary changes in many fields. An AI can be a machine or a computer which gathers data or information directly and finally takes them to the process of learning. It is a factor that differs an AI from a computer. These machines have the abilities like logic, reasoning, perception, creativity which are considered as human only capabilities. A most common AI is on the chat box of companies. These AI can provide solutions after identifying the needs of the customers. Artificial general Intelligence or AGI is a more advanced AI used to cooperate with human needs. They have the access to many features and can provide their support in a huge margin. But there is not found any replicative AI as complex as the human brain.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is an evolving process. We did not stand on our feet in one day. AI also require some experience to earn for themselves. This technique is used in developing machine systems like self-driving cars, making digital diagnosis, performing legal activities, and managing business funds like fields. So these learning computers are smarter than any other devices we have. These smarter computers can have experiences with us and give their feedback on the next time we have the same experience. It is valuable in experiencing negative experiences we have.

Is AI safe?

There is nothing to be afraid of scenarios like Sky net and the Eagle eye. It is better we invent much advanced AI and then be afraid of them.

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