Already missing the old Twitter interface? Here’s how to get it back

Companies regularly like to update their UIs and Interfaces, and they always have their haters for it. A substantial portion of users always try to find a way to get back to the “good-old-ways” whenever it happens. We all remember how Microsoft had to contend with the blowback when the Windows 8 did away with the start menu back in the day. It went to the point of never going mainstream, and up until Windows 10 arrived, Microsoft had seriously stumbled along its way. Some have credited the debacle to the newfound popularity for Macs, and the rise in fame for Chromebooks as well.
Twitter has also recently changed its desktop interface to have more elements of its mobile version, and the initial reactions are livid, to say the least.
The new changes are immediately apparent to any regular user. The simpler command menu on the top of the page is now on the left of the feed with absurdly huge lettering, and the upper left corner with the trusty profiles box which showed the follower and tweet counters are completely gone. You need to burrow into your profile page to find them now Trends column has moved from left to right, making it unnatural for many users.
If all seems a mess and nothing seems to be where it should be, you’re not alone. But thankfully, there is a way to get your trusty old Twitter to look back. You just have to download the GoodTwitter extension by Zusor, which is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
The extension works by redrawing the elements on the webpage whenever you visit Twitter. If you cannot see the Twitter page elements revert back to the good old look immediately, try deleting your cache and/or reloading the page.

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